About Paradigm

Paradigm Landscape Group is a leader in landscape architecture/design and project management serving residential and commercial clients throughout the Southeastern United States. Through innovative techniques and unmatched passion, Paradigm can transform your outdoor space to life-changing sanctuaries that will raise property values and create lasting memories for you and your family.

Paradigm Landscape is led by founder Todd Angel, who is a visionary when it comes to the art of landscape planning and design. After years of working with similar firms, he founded Paradigm based on the belief that not all landscape companies are the same. Paradigm is a shift from the traditional process of building dream landscapes.

Joining You on Your Journey

The tradition of creating backyard memories is a strong one in the US, and we want to be part of that tradition by helping you realize your landscape dreams. Quite often, when someone looks back on his or her life, it is the look and feel of those special places that make the memories so vivid and real. When we plan, design and execute a custom landscape project for you, our enthusiasm and love for what we do shines through; and you’ll have that “special place” for you and your family.

Experience, Passion, and Trust

The expertise we have gained in our many years of operation means that every project we tackle will be carried out to exacting specifications. And, the trust we’ve built in the community means our reputation is second to none. When you begin with Paradigm Landscape, you will instantly see that we care about what we do.

Our Proven Process

From the very first phone call, we begin thinking about your project and how we can make it something you will never forget. After a brief phone interview, we set up an on-site consultation where the wheels start turning, and all the possibilities come into view.

We will take your dreams, goals, and budget into consideration to create the ultimate outdoor space. Once the plan is in place, it’s time for groundbreaking and the project is underway. You’ll be given a dedicated project manager to act as your contact point throughout the project, and we will be there with you every step of the way.

As a proud member of both local and national industry associations, Paradigm Landscape provides professional landscape solutions for homeowners throughout the southeastern states. Give us a call today to schedule an on-site consultation and take the next step to having the outdoor space you’ve always wanted.